Dance Festival Latvia is the first ecstatic dance festival/retreat in the country that is inviting people to join a beautiful dance gathering for 4 days and 4 nights, full of ecstatic dance, yoga,  workshops, concerts, rejuvenating sauna and fantastic opportunity to connect with other dance lovers from all over the world.  
This is not a regular festival but rather a fusion of a festival and a retreat. We will be welcoming not more than 150 people and there are no one day passes. The festival is alcohol and drug – free.

Our mission

We believe that true connection is the key to well-being. This is the greatest longing for every human being. We want to create a space where people could share this longing – connect with themselves, with others and nature. Our body is a wonderful tool that allows us to feel, to express and to enjoy all the experiences in the world. That is why movement practices can give us a powerful and positive effect on our health and self-growth. In this gathering, we invite everyone to get more curious about themselves and the unlimited possibilities of movement and connection expression. Trust your body intelligence and inner wisdom that will always lead you to the right place.

The venue is located in the Latvian countryside and gives a perfect ambiance for taking some time off the daily life and awake your playful spirit. Experience the freedom of movement, sing, listen and connect to the music or simply rest in nature – this place will hold a space for you no matter what is your intention.
The retreat center is surrounded by apple tree fields. What a nice time to witness the blossoming flowers in May; what a chance to experience your own blossoming in the body and soul!