We are excited to present international as well as local DJs that will take us into incredible dance journeys. Enjoy the music and set those feet on fire!

Esta Polyesta (Netherlands)

Esta Polyesta from Amsterdam is one of the most prominent DJs in Global Beats, World Music and Ecstatic Dance in Europe. She is the most active DJ, ceremony leader and facilitator in the Netherlands and one of the most international Ecstatic Dance DJs and Ceremony Leaders from the Netherlands. Her travel bags have not been in storage since Summer 2017.

In the spring of 2019, Esta Polyesta was one of the trainers at the Ecstatic DJ Training in Portugal. This is a co-production with Donna Carroll, one of the founders of Ecstatic Dance as we know it now.

Esta Polyesta is a resident at The Source in Arambol, Goa and she played at Goa Ecstatic Dance Festival in Goa and Ecstatica Festival at Koh Phangan in Thailand.
Together with her music partner Mashti, she made remixes for Kaya Project and Womex Festival artists. One of those tracks: Oum- Lik (Mashti and Polyesta remix), was published on the prestigious George V label of Buddha Bar compilations and Radio Monte Carlo’s Cosmopolis Release.

When in Holland, Esta is a resident at Ecstatic Dance Utrecht, coordinator, ceremony leader and DJ in Ecstatic dance Amsterdam and organizer of Ecstatic Dance Ruigoord in an old church in an artist village near Amsterdam.

Sabino Soares (Portugal)

After an early career as the head of the Sports Department at the University of Algarve Sabino turned to dance as a way to integrate his early training as a sports teacher with more positivity, creativity, and passion.

The Founder of Bkind Mindfulness Program, he strives to bring life with higher quality, truth, joy, and lightness to his community, believing that we each have the power to contribute to the happy life of one another. His diverse skills and talents are guided by the compass of his heart. In his current job as a teacher applying mindfulness practice in the public school system, he finds joy in all aspects of life while connecting them to his purpose.

Sabino is the producer of Ecstatic Dance Faro and Lagoa. He has stepped up to DJ, lead ceremonies and organize the Ecstatic dance Festival in Portugal – showing total service to the dance!

DJ Kairosity (Mirna Attia)

Mirna is a musician and a dancer. As a musician, she loves creating atmospheres for people to find themselves in. As a dancer, she loves to dive into the dance and become the dance itself. As a Dj, she is combining both. For her dancing is the greatest teacher – a possibility to simply be and trust the body that always knows better.

Her Dj name Kairosity means the space where you feel the time when forgetting about time itself. The place where you can become timeless.
Mirna has roots in Egypt and in the Netherlands, so she is enjoying bringing people back to themselves and back together with sounds from all over the world. She will guide you through journeys beyond the borders of time with the richness of the world. Enchanting melodies from the north and the east meeting deeply grounding global beats.
Dj Kairosity is regularly playing at Odessa in Amsterdam, a community-based platform that holds space for a variety of cultural events.

DJ Mostatic ( Mo Azaay )

Mo Azaay was born in Morocco and his cultural background and passion for DJing and sharing music from all around the world somehow always brings him back to his roots. He is the host and organizer of his own Arabesque ecstatic concept – the magic we are going to experience on the second day of the festival.

His mission with “Arabesque” is to bring small guest performances, and his own style of mystical afro/oriental grooves; an eclectic mix of music, that don’t just move your feet but also opens your heart.  A combination of dance, performance art, music, and djing will create a delightful and mysterious atmosphere.

When he was introduced with ecstatic dance 2 years ago, a whole new world opened up for him. When he saw the dancing crowd of people depart on an ecstatic journey where they take their masks off, don’t talk, don’t need any drugs or alcohol to get them in a certain state but the natural high and expression to celebrate life and whatever emotions come up. So Mo fell in love with ecstatic dance!

As DJ Mostatic he is a regular at Odessa, the place to be for ecstatic dance 7 days a week in Amsterdam.
Under the Name DJ Mosquito, he has played at Marmoucha Amsterdam.
As DJ Mo he played at Ruigoord and Woodstock 69 Bloemendaal.