Why join us

We passionately believe that dance is for everyone. No matter what is your relationship to movement – maybe you’re a professional dancer, maybe you practice only a particular style of dance or perhaps it’s you that enjoys moving the body whenever possible.  No matter who are you, this is a chance to connect with the freedom that comes from within. We are not dancing to impress anyone, rather we do it to express your true nature, your unique body, your emotions.

If you’re not keen on typical clubbing culture but you still want to celebrate the joy of coming together and dancing, this is the place for you. It’s a closed festival which means that you’ll be in a safe environment sharing those 4 days with the same people. It’s a great way how to find Your tribe, Your people, Your friends from all over the world and experience this magic together.

Ecstatic dance

What is ecstatic dance? Those who have danced ecstatic, are already having their own unique experiences.  But what if it’s your first time – what to expect and be ready for?

Ecstatic dance is a free form of dance in which the dancers don’t need to follow specific steps. They surrender themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them.  Music plays an important role in the whole session – the Dj will take everyone on a journey that will let you express all kinds of movements and emotions through the dancing. You can go wild and let it all out or at any time, sit back and simply watch others dancing.

Ecstatic dance serves as a form of meditation in movement. When you allow yourself to be present in the body and leave the mind behind, your soul can express its true nature and the wonderful joy that comes with setting yourself free.

Although this is a free form of dance, few rules will make this experience much better:

  • No shoes: connect your feet with the Earth,
  • No alcohol or drug use: stay conscious and get high from the life power that rises from within,
  • No talking on the dance floor: if you would like to dance with someone, express it without words

There are many benefits of ecstatic dancing:

  • Increase energy levels and vitality,
  • Reduce the stress levels by shaking out tensions and worries,
  • See yourself in a different light – the one behind the everyday mask, the part of you that is longing to express itself and be seen,
  • By getting in touch with our body, we can experience personal transformation that helps us to see how to improve or what to change in life,
  • As a physical exercise, it boosts the mood and has the same benefits as any activity we do with true joy.

Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time