Ilze Altroka (Groove dance)

Ilze found a joy in the groove dance in 2017. After that, her life completely changed. With every day she is dancing closer to the core of her being. It has given her more freedom and creativity of movement, more confidence, and joy every single day. Groove dance is her addiction and inspiration, and Ilze is eager to share it with the rest of the world!
She did a groove dance teacher training in Berlin and studied in Canada, and has participated in workshops and retreats in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
Ilze believes that everyone can dance and is enthusiastic to guide you to the freedom of your body.

Groove dance is a dynamically interactive and creative dance experience. With great music, your facilitator will unite everyone in a simple movement or rhythm but you get to dance it your own unique way. While exploring a variety of styles and genres, we encourage you to enjoy and feel good in your body every step of the way. You’ll experience everything from slow, delicious, meditative grooves to heart-thumping and strength building cardio beats. The perfect recipe to nurture your body, mind, heart, and soul. Everyone is welcome on the dance floor – all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities.

Misty Tripoli, the founder of The World Groove Movement

5 groove dance truths are:
# What other people think of you is none of your business: nobody really cares about how you look like when dancing. And, if they do, that’s their problem.
#Your way is the right way – here is no right or wrong way to dance, find your own unique expression.
#No one can do it for you – you are responsible for you, only you can take responsibility for your health and happiness.
#You should look different – you are different, your body moves differently from everyone else’s, practice being yourself.
#You don’t understand something until you don’t apply it – these are all just good ideas until put into practice. The real work is in the doing.

Feel good, move your body and have fun! 
Every day can be a little party, so… just groove!