Festival is taking place in a guest house “Ratnieki” – a beautiful location away from the city and noises where you can feel and breathe the freshness of the air and connect with the calmness of the nature. In the springtime, it’s a perfect setting for witnessing the leaves blooming on the trees and awakening us to open up and rise towards the summer season.

The guest house is located in Gauja national park, the largest national park in Latvia. It’s abundant with high biological diversity, rock outcrops and varied terrain shapes, springs, picturesque landscapes and many historical and cultural monuments from different centuries. The major part of the national park and the dominant is the old valley of the Gauja River. From the guest house territory, there is a 1,7 km long nature trail, passing through oak alleys, that leads to the Ratnieku cave and Gauja national park cliffs.

The leisure complex consists of 5 historical buildings and offers different kinds of accommodation. For your options, visit our accommodation section.