Yoga and Meditation

Linda Steda

Linda is the organizer of the festival and also will guide you through meditation and yoga session. She started her practice 9 years ago as she felt an urge to look within. Since then every day is a new discovery – observing the body-mind connection is an incredible journey.

Linda teaches hatha and yin yoga, weaving mindfulness as the main pillar of every movement practice. At the moment she is practicing yoga and meditation under the guidance of the best teachers in London.
She believes that people need many different practices for balanced health and well-being, and dancing is one of them – the freedom from the busy mind, the celebration of this beautiful physical form we’ve born!

Dancing is one of the truest expressions of the human beings. We are so restricted and well behaved in our adult lifes that our body gets tensed up, it gets smaller, it lacks expansion and expression. I love yoga because it gives the opportunity to expand and dance – a joy to express. We need to discover our potential in many different ways, we need to stay curious of ourselves.